• Bring economic but great Value benefit and optimum total responsibility cost through control automation.
  • Electrical, instrumentation and control system solutions right from design, detail engineering, Manufacturing, commissioning, startup services and best after sales support.
  • We take up the complete solution as turnkey projects and finish it with exceptional service quality
  • We undertake projects like,
New Projects
  • PLC based Process control automation
  • MCC, PCC control Panels
  • Centralized Data Acquisition System
  • Telemetry based control automation.
  • Thyristorized based heater control system for all types of Furnace.
  • On/off Heater control Panels.
  • Tandem Annealing control panels.
  • Regeneration heater control system.
  • Water treatment plant Automation.
  • Centralized Energy Monitoring system.
  • Furnace automation.
  • PLC Based Plant Lighting Control System
Revamping Projects
  • Modernizing the existing Control system
  • Studying the Old control system Drawings and based on the Existing control system ELDAC design the New control system with Advanced Technologies .
  • The new control system will have feature of low maintenance downtime and increasing the Process productivity.
  • ELDAC will provide the user friendly control system even though the system designed with modern Technologies .
  • ELDAC will provide Easily Understandable Detailed as built documentation.

Control Panels

  • ELDAC Design, Engineering and Manufacturing commissioning of Control Panels.

Executed Projects

Thyristor Control Panel for LPG heating Application
  • Load: Resistive Load
  • KW Rating: 9 KW 3phase star connected Load
  • Scope: Completer Engineering Design and manufacturing Supply of the thyristor control Panel as per EIL specification.
Application: Reverse osmosis Control System
  • Scope: Complete engineering, Design and manufacturing of MCC and PLC Control Panel. Auto Sequence programming and HMI Visualization, alarm Logging as per process requirement.
  • No. of MCC Feeders: 8
  • Total HP Rating: 20 HP
  • Total PLC I/O: DI-20 DO-16, AI -2
Application: PLC based Lighting Control System
  • Scope: Complete engineering, Design and manufacturing of PLC based lighting control Panel. Real time clock based Auto Sequence programming and HMI Visualization. The Plant lighting controlled by centralized PLC based lighting control system , as per design each area lighting distribution will be controlled by PLC via ON time and OFF time ,Which will be programmed in the HMI by user. Based on the programmed time the PLC Output energized and de energized , corresponding feeder energized and de energized. Total Feeder controlled; 24 Feeders.
Application: Oil pump test Rig ( Special purpose Machine)
  • Scope: Fabrication and supply oil test rig as per customer Design. The Oil Pump Test rig is used for testing the Fuel pumps performance, the rig have one manifold, the pump will be fixed in the manifold and asynchronous motor drive the pump and the motor speed will be controlled by VFD .
Application: TCE DEGREASING Control System
  • Scope: Engineering and Design and Manufacturing of TCE Degreasing Control panel.
  • We designed control system to control two heater banks and two Pumps.
  • Heater Rating; 36KW, 3 Phases 415 Volt
  • Pumps Rating; 12.5 HP, 3Phase 415 Volts